Turning cabinet doors into trays

For those of you who are unfamiliar with my art projects and Etsy store, my passion is taking old/worn out/unwanted items from thrift shops, lawn sales, and wherever else I find them and making them new again with nerdy flair. This brings me to my latest project:
I recently rescued 3 old kitchen cabinet doors from the burn pile at my parents house. They were remnants from a kitchen remodel that my dad had decided he no longer needed. When I found out he was going to burn them to get rid of them, I couldn’t stop myself from grabbing them to bring home. I wasn’t entirely sure how I was going to use them but suspected that I could turn them into trays since the inside of the doors are recessed from the edges of the doors.

The first step in up-cycling them was to remove the hinges/hardware and sand off the 90’s wood colored polyurethane.Once they hinges were removed I was left with 2 big holes in the back (soon to be bottoms) of the doors. Using wood filer I was able to fill the holes in. This sounds much simpler than it actually was since the holes were so large that the wood filler had to be slowly added in thin layers until the holes were finally filled in. This is what it looked like when I finally got it filled in/sanded:

More info on this project will come soon as I get the chance to work on them more.

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