Doors into trays (part2)

Its been a busy week but I finally had a chance to work on this project some more. I drilled the holes for the handles so that they could be attached. This took a while as the handles were left overs that my dad had given me and I didn’t know what size hole I needed to drill to make them fit. I didn’t want to make the holes too big, so I started drilling with one of the smallest bits that I could find and slowly worked my way up until I finally found the correct bit to be using (around the fourth one I tried). I’m glad to say that I remembered to drill the holes before I started painting since they would have messed up the paint job had I done it the other way.



After the holes were drilled, I sanded the doors down the rest of the way and painted them black. It took a few coats of black paint and then a few more coats of a clear varnish but I am happy with the outcome. I had attempted to tape off the back/bottom of the trays so that the in sets would still show some of the original wood but the paint bled through the edge of the tape lines and I had to give up on that idea.

Now I pretty much have the trays prepped to start adding the comics to as soon as I decide which characters to go with. So far I am thinking that I want to do something with Batman but I’m not sure what exactly…


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