Getting closer (part 3)

Yesterday was rainy/gross outside so we ended up staying home and working on projects (my husband working on a computer project, me working on GeekChic stuff).

As I was searching through my box of old/ripped/water-damaged/creased comics (I know, so sad) I stumbled across a scene that showed Bruce Wayne’s parents being murdered in a Batman Origins graphic novel that I had gotten at a yard sale last summer. I’m not going to lie, its more than a little depressing but it is a big part of why Bruce Wayne turned out like he did so I decided to use it. I’d actually been wanting to do something with this scene for a while now but the images were too wide to be cut down to go on a frame and there weren’t enough of the images to make a full size tray. Luckily the cabinet door trays are slightly smaller in the middle where the images go since they have the wide borders on the edge so they were perfect for this.

For the second tray I decided to go with a Joker theme which only seemed fair since I am already making a Batman tray. The images for this tray are from Joker #1 (#23.1) from November 2013. I got this comic at the same yard sale that the Batman graphic novel came from and had been waiting for a good way to use it. There is a fairly large picture of The Joker looking straight ahead that I thought would look cool on a tray.

For the last tray I was leaning towards Ghost Rider since my husband gave me his collection of Ghost Riders from when he was a kid that had gotten damaged while in storage and I have a lot of them to work with. However, when I was flipping through Ghost Rider # 77 from September 1996 which featured Doctor Strange I found a pic of Doctor Strange that I just had to use. It was of him standing like a bad ass looking off to the left. Although this issue featured Doctor Strange there wasn’t a ton of images of him so I wasn’t sure if there would be enough material to actually make the tray. After some careful planning (measuring the images in the comic book and considering how to cut them) I realized that it was going to be close but that I could probably make it work and started in. It was closer than I thought it was going to be but worked out in the end.


After selecting all of the materials and getting them cut/laid out how I wanted them I used Modgepodge to carefully stick the images down. For anyone who hasn’t used Modgepodge before I highly recommend that you keep an empty gift card or old hotel room key around to use when Modgepodging. Its very helpful to run over the tops of the images and squeeze out any air bubbles/ excessively glued areas. Since I am going to be epoxying over the comics its vital that the images are stuck down tightly and there are no air bubbles as the epoxy will eat through the paper and turn it black in any areas that have air bubbles. Its also handy to keep a damp rag around that you can use to wipe off your fingers as the Modgepodge will get on your hands and depending on the type of comic book you’re using can cause you to pull the ink off the pages and onto your glue-y fingers. This is especially a concern when using the old newsprint paper style of comics as the ink on those ones seems to smudge and lift easily.

Now that the images are all glued down the next step is going to be painting over them with approximately a dozen layers of varnish going in every direction and then eventually (when the weather improves) epoxying them to create a glass-like finish. More to come on this project as I am able to start epoxying again.


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