Nail/String Art – Attempt #1

Recently a co-worker of mine went to a nail-art event night and told me about it. Apparently they nailed the outline of the shape of Maine onto old barn boards and then used string to create a web between the nails. As she described the class to me I couldn’t help but wonder what other shapes could be made. In theory I could make superhero symbols, words, characters, all sorts of things. I was pumped to give it a try myself. I remembered a board that has been sitting in my closet (it was part of a CD rack at one point in time) that I had stashed in there thinking it could eventually come in handy. When I pulled the board from the closet I was disappointed to find that it had all kinds of screw holes in it from where the metal that held the CDs use to be attached. Fortunately, I had a tub of wood filler and was able to fill all the holes. Once the holes were filled I sanded the wood and painted it black (my go to color of choice whenever I am making something).
For my first attempt at nail art I decided to make a Batman symbol. I found one that I liked the shape of online and printed it out. I then cut it out with a boarder around the edge. Using a ruler I centered the image on the board and then nailed in 4 nails (one in each corner) to hold the cutout in place. Once I was sure the image wasn’t going anywhere I eyeballed the distances around the edges between the 4 nails I had places and drew dots where I wanted place the nails. It took a few attempts to get the dots positioned correctly. It was harder than I anticipated to hammer the nails straight and all around the same height. I think with practice that the nailing portion of this type of project will get easier and look better. What I hadn’t thought through is that once the nails were in place that the paper outline would backfire on me. When I pulled the paper off it left behind tiny pieces or paper scrap around each nail where the paper had to tear free from under the nail in the holes. I attempted to use tweezers to pull off the paper scraps but they were stuck and hard to grasp. Next time I will come up with a better idea for knowing where the nails need to go.


Wrapping the yarn around the nails was incredibly fun. I didn’t have a plan for the yarn so I just went with it and mixed up the directions. This didn’t make for a very clear edge so I also wrapped the yard around the outside boarder occasionally wrapping it around some of the nails as needed to get it to keep the right shape. I’m not sure if better planning would make it come out better or if there is a technique that I should be using. I need to look up some info on how other people do this but for a first attempt I am happy-ish with how it turned out. One thing for sure is that I am definitely interested in giving this another try.



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