Nail / String Art – Attempt #2

For my second nail art project I decided to make Pac-man and a ghost. Once again I used a piece of leftover wood from an old CD rack but for this attempt I changed methods slightly. After printing out the shapes that I wanted to use as my outline, I used a thumb tack to go around the edge and make evenly spaced tiny holes. Using the thumb tack was more difficult than I thought it would be. The first few were easy to push in but it got progressively harder the more times I had to do it (I guess I have weak thumbs). After all the holes were made I removed the paper and nailed the nails in the tiny holes from the tacks. By doing it this way I didn’t have to deal with the paper leaving remnants around the nails. It was also nice that the nail was able to balance a little in the divot created by the tack. I liked this method better than nailing through the paper but still think that it can be improved upon.
To make the string look nicer I went around the outer edges weaving the string in and out of the nails. By going around the  border twice I was able to create clear borders that look more finished than the borders on my original attempt. I also tried to be conscience of keeping the strings symmetrical and even. While it is by no means perfectly symmetrical the zigzagging of the string was much more balanced.

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