Couples frames for Valentine’s Day

The frames used for this project were purchased at a local salvage and reclamation store. They’re not normally the kind of frames that I use for my up-cycling projects since they required so little work, but I made an exception as I wanted to do a series of couples frames for Valentine’s Day.
When I got the frames, the cardboard backing was damaged and separating from the front.

I used Gorilla glue to reattach the frames and feel confident that they will now hold together. The front of the frames originally had a pink and black floral design on a white background that was printed paper adhered to the front of the frames but was also peeling up around the edges. It’s hard to tell from the photo below but the paper had been laminated and was bubbling up (that’s the best way I can explain it).

Using a razor blade to remove the printed paper made quick work of prepping the surface for my comic book images. It was nice for once not to have to sand and paint the frames to have them ready to go. It was also unexpectedly nice to have frames that were the same size as it made it easier to plan out what I was doing.

Below are some pictures of how the finished projects turned out. To see more pictures, visit my at Etsy store at



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