I have a passion for re-purposing and up-cycling that came from being raised by parents who taught me, from a young age, not to waste and to always look at what something could become instead of what it was. My shop began a few years ago when I was at a yard sale.
I stumbled across 6 matching wooden trays. They were beaten up and badly needed a sanding and painting but they were the perfect size for a serving tray and had the potential of becoming something awesome. I had no need for them and no place to put them but couldn’t leave the yard sale without them. Once I got them home the wheels started turning as I tried to decide what to do with my find. Remembering that I had a few damaged issues of a favorite Wolverine comic, I knew what to do. I sanded, painted, and with some apprehension cut into the comic books. After decoupaging them down, I came to the conclusion that my tray was awesome! I didn’t dare leave it as it was though in fear that the comics might become water damaged or ruined in another way. To protect my creation and after a little research, I used an epoxy to create a glass-like waterproof finish.
From that first tray things just sort of escalated. I started out with a bunch of comic books that had been sadly damaged. I had been holding onto them and finally had a way to re-use them. Ever since then I have been on the lookout for unwanted comics to give a new life.

I started this blog to document some of my projects and show what can be done with a little work and some creativity.



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